Myths About Personal Trainers Debunked

There are so many things that I hear clients, or potential clients say that simply could not be further from the truth about personal trainers. In this post, I am going to debunk a few beliefs or rumors about fitness professionals.

Myth: Trainers eat perfect and never fall off the diet wagon.

Truth: We work a very odd schedule, having to be available when other people are not working which usually means split shifts starting very early and ending very late. In these hectic situations is easy to get caught up in grabbing a quick bite from the nearest drive-thru or surviving on protein bars and shakes.

Myth: It’s easy for a fitness coach to work out, we love it.

Truth: While it is true that health coaches are passionate about fitness, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Many times we have to drag ourselves to work out, and sometimes we don’t get our workouts in a for a week or two. Let’s be honest, when we’ve spent 12 hours at work the last place we want to be when we get a break is at work. Have you ever seen a mechanic’s car or a landscapers yard?

Myth: Male trainers are inappropriate and flirt with every female client.

Truth: There are a small number of trainers who flirt with their clients, but most of us work diligently to overcome this stigma and keep a professional boundary so that our female clients do not feel uncomfortable with us.

Myth: If a trainer doesn’t look the way you want to look they can’t get you to that goal.

Truth: While it is important for us trainers to practice what we preach (our bodies are our billboards after all), it is false to believe a person doesn’t have the knowledge to get you where you want to be. There are several reasons why a trainer may not look the way you want to. Their goals may not be what your goals are, I don’t have a desire to be built like a bodybuilder, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to get your body there.

Myth: You need to get into better shape before you hire a trainer.

Truth: That is exactly our job, to get you into better shape. When do you think you are going to need more help, when you’re starting off and don’t know what you’re doing, or when you’re well on your way to your goals?

Myth: Trainers are not worth the money.

Truth: A trainer is a service professional. We take our cars to the mechanics to fix them because we don’t know how, and we take our bodies to a personal trainer to help us fix them. Trainers have certifications and many times degrees that cost a lot of money. They spent money to be able to give you the knowledge that they learned.

At the end of the day hiring a trainer comes down to your goals, abilities, injuries, and know how. If you need help getting to your fitness and health goals a trainer may be just what you need. It doesn’t hurt to at least talk with a trainer and get some information as to what he/she can offer you. You might also find one of my previous posts 5 Reasons to Hire A Personal Trainer useful.




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